16/11/2016 12:31

Phil will present on this topic to the 'Regulating Pleasure' conference organised by the Institute for Social Drug Research, Ghent University, Belgium. The conference forms part of the international 'common studies' programme in Critical Criminology which involves 12 partner universities from across Europe (including, of course, the UK!) and one US institution :

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23/09/2016 13:13

Phil will speak on 25 November 2016 at the NIGHTS 2016 Berlin – STADT NACH ACHT conference organised by the Clubcommission Berlin and the European NEWNet. At this event researchers, practical experts including the Amsterdam 'Night Czar', administration professionals, politicians, city managers, street workers and project developers will combine their expertise and specific knowledge about good practice and theory to offer a picture of the urban night; its cultural development, economy, influence on communities and good governance:  This is the first of a series of planned events. 


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24/11/2015 13:17

24 November 2015 

On-line recruitment agency Totaljobs have conducted a survey of opinion concerning night tube amongst workers and hospitality employers in London. The survey reveals general optimism and some unanswered questions and concerns about security on the network and the effects on residential communities. 

Click here to read the Totaljobs blog. 


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06/10/2015 15:12

Phil is invited speaker at the Battle of Ideas Festival 2015 to be held on 18 October at The Barbican, London. 

Phil will join a panel to discuss issues around the '24-hour city' raised by the soon-to-be-implemented night tube services in London which will run throughout the night at weekends. 

Other participants include representatives of Transport for London and the Night-time Industries Association. 

For further details see: Battle of Ideas: Up all night: can we handle a 24-hour city?

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16/04/2015 10:57

Phil was an invited speaker at this event in Nantes on 13-14 April 2015. The conference, one of the first of its kind in Europe, brought together political descision-makers including several Deputy Mayors of French cities, urban governance practitoners, NGOs working with young adult drinking/drug use, academics, researchers, journalists , key thinkers and commentators from across France. 

The conference was organised by the 'Collectif Culture Bar-Bars' the 'national federation of cafe cultures' (who represent French bar operators and live music promoters), in partnership with the City of Nantes and the Paris-based European Forum for Urban Security who are continuing their interest in developing effective pan-European nightlife strategies through information sharing between cities. Click here for further details 

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30/01/2015 16:17

Urban Studies, the international scholarly journal, has published its Special Issue on the 'Geographies of the Urban Night' (February 2015 Volume 52/3).

Phil contributed a Commentary on the work by numerous authors in the collection, together with an article he co-authored with Professor Fiona Measham of Durham University. 

This is the first collection of academic writing on the evening and night-time economy to appear in a major international journal, making it essential reading for professionals, researchers and students in this field of study. 

Further information may be found on the Urban Studies Journal blogspot 

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13/11/2014 15:51

The European (EFUS) and the Italian Forum for Urban Security (IFSU) are to debate 'strategies for the management and prevention of conflict in public spaces’ at a conference in Bologna on 5 December 2014. Phil has been invited to present at this event. He will speak on the subject of 'Measurement and policy responses to crime and public nuisance in the evening and night-time economy', drawing from his experience of various research projects which have grappled with the issues of how to improve the evidence base to support public policy decision making.

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10/10/2013 10:38

Nantes, France, 14 June 2013 – Ten European cities presented their recommendations for improving the prevention and management of binge drinking among young people in public spaces, and called for a balanced approach taking into consideration public health and public order.

The conference was organised jointly by the European (Efus) and French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU) and held in Nantes (France) on 13 and 14 June 2013. Click here for further details

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