International Links

Current research networks:
City of Bordeaux 'Managing the Festive Nightlife Project' 2017-19  
Expert Committee Member, ongoing. 
Safer Drinking Scenes Project, 2011-13
Organised by the Paris-based European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) and funded by the European Commission, this project brings together the experiences of community safety practitioners and public health bodies in ten European cities. The project aimed to share best practice and to fund locally targeted initiatives on alcohol-related harm reduction in each of the various locations. Phil was the UK representative on the Expert Committee.

About the European Forum for Urban Security

Founded in 1987 under the auspices of the Council of Europe, the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) is the only international non-governmental organisation of local authorities dedicated to urban security. Bringing together 250 local authorities in 16 countries, this network aims to strengthen crime reduction policies and to promote the role of local authorities in national and European institutions. It is run by an executive committee of 32 local authorities elected by members of the network.

European Network on Alcohol Law Enforcement, 2012- 
Created by the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP) and the Swedish National Institute of Public Health (SNIPH) the network brings together alcohol law enforcement experts and professionals from across the world to exchange knowledge and experiences through a series of conferences, meetings and an on-line forum. Click here to view proceedings of the November 2012 conference in Stockholm 
Current editorial positions:
Contemporary Drug Problems Journal (International Editorial Board) 
Addiciones (Joint Guest Editor, vol 21, no. 4 'Club Health Conference edition')
Keynote speeches (non-UK):
'Alcohol Law Enforcement: What Works? What's Promising?, What Doesn't Work?: Some Key Findings from the International Evidence'
European Network on Alcohol Law Enforcement, Second Conference, Stockholm, 15 November 2012.  
'Sailing the Seas of Alcohol Policy: Frantic Steering and Creative Rowing’
Australian Drug Foundation: Thinking Drinking 3 Conference, Brisbane, 5 August 2009.
'Violence between Young People and Control of Night-time Leisure Zones in England’
Daphne 2 (European Commission funded) Conference, Police School of Catalonia, Barcelona, November 2006.