Evening and Night-time Economy Research

Phil’s work has focused on public and corporate behaviour and the governance of urban spaces. His particular interest is in the regulation and policing of 'evening and night-time economies' and in developing international comparative research in these fields.

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Selected Research Reports 

Bevan, T. and Hadfield, P. (2018) The Challenges of Measuring and Funding Evening and Night-Time Economy (ENTE) Public Service Costs: A Discussion Paper for Public Health England. Haywards Heath: Ingenium Research. 
Ortus Economic Research in Association with Phil Hadfield (2017) Hackney's Evening and Night-time Economy - a Cost v Benefit Analysis. Ortus: Newcastle. Click here to download
Hadfield, P. (2017) Hackney Evening and Night-time Economy Public Behaviour Study: Project to Inform the London Borough of Hackney Licensing Policy Review 2017: Final Technical Report (and Summary Report). Leeds: Click here to download  
Hadfield, P. (2017) Mayfair Evening and Night-time Economy Public Behaviour / Area Profiling Study: Project to Inform the City of Westminster Interim Licensing Policy Review 2017: Final Report. Leeds: Click here to download
Arcola Research in association with Phil Hadfield (2016) Reading CAP Evaluation / National CAP Methodology Review: Final Report. Prepared for the National Community Alcohol Partnerships Board. London: Arcola Research. Extracts quoted at p.9 of Nov 16 CAP Impact Report  
Hadfield, P. (2016) Research Project to Inform Development of the London Borough of Camden Statement of Licensing Policy 2017-22: Full Technical Report and Summary Report (supporting public consultation). Leeds: www, Click here to read Draft Policy. 
Hadfield, P., Sharples, S., Bevan, T. and Measham, F. (2015) Westminster Evening and Night-time Behaviour Audit 2013-14. Final Report to the West End Partnership Group and the City of Westminster. London: Click here to download
Bevan, T., License, A., Rowell, A., Hadfield, P. and Davies, P. (2015) Westminster Evening and Night-time Economy: A Cost v Benefit Study for the City of Westminster. London: TBR. Click here to download 
Hadfield, P. (2013) 'Safer Public Spaces: Initiatives by Ten European Cities' in French Forum for Urban Security and European Forum for Urban Security (eds.) Safer Drinking Scenes: Alcohol, Cities and Nightlife. Bilingual French/English Version. Paris: EFuS/FFSU. Click here to download 
Bevan, T., Turnham, A., Longwood, M. and Hadfield, P. (2011) Sydney's Night-Time Economy: Cost Benefit Analysis: A Report for the City of Sydney. Newcastle: TBR/MAKE/Long View Partners/ Click here to download 
Ruston, D., Hadfield, P., and Sanderson, E. (2011) Liverpool City Council Cumulative Impact Policy Consultation. Project Number 11048. Birmingham: M.E.L. Research and Liverpool City Council.
Hadfield, P. (2011) Night-Time Economy Management: International Research and Practice. A Review for the City of Sydney. Leeds: / City of Sydney. Click here to download 
Hadfield, P. and Measham, F. (2011) Lost Orders? Alcohol and Law Enforcement in England and Wales: Final Report to the Portman Group. London: The Portman Group. 
Hadfield, P. and Newton, A. (2010) Alcohol, Crime and Disorder in the Night-time Economy. Factsheet. London: Alcohol Concern.
Hadfield, P., Noga, H., Large, J. and Jones, R. (2010) Visitor Drinking, Late-Night Refreshment and Transportation in the Camden Special Policy Areas: Final Report to the London Borough of Camden. August 2010. Summarised at pages 78-85 of the Camden Statement of Licensing Policy 2011. Click here to download
Ward, M. and Hadfield, P. with M.E.L. Research (2010) Report on a Drink Pattern Survey for the London Borough of Lambeth. London: Alcohol Concern.
Hadfield, P. (2010) Review of Statement of Licensing Policy: Report 3, Proposed City of London Stress Area Observational Analysis- Summer Period Comparative Report. Leeds:
Ward, M., Stephenson, M., Hadfield, P., Aulton, J., and Munro, M. (2010) Assessing the Harms Caused by Alcohol to Individuals and Communities in Middlesbrough. London: Alcohol Concern. This report informed the Middlesbrough Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy 2010-13.  
Hadfield, P., Lister, S., and Traynor, P. (2009) Alcohol Insights: The Orientation and Integration of Local and National Alcohol Policy, London: Alcohol Research UK. Click here to download  
KPMG LLP / Home Office (2008) Review of the Social Responsibility Standards for the Production and Sale of Alcoholic Drinks. Birmingham: KPMG LLP (contributing author). Click here to download volumes 1, 2 and 3 
Elvins, M. and Hadfield, P. (2003) West End 'Stress Area' Night-Time Economy Profiling: A Demonstration Project: Final Report to the City of Westminster. School of Applied Social Sciences: University of Durham. Click here to download 

Open access journal articles

Hadfield, P. and Measham, F. (2015) 'The Outsourcing of Control: Alcohol Law Enforcement, Private Sector Governance and the Evening and Night-time Economy', Urban Studies, 52(3): 517-37.
Hadfield, P., Lister, S., and Traynor, P. (2009) ‘This Town’s A Different Town Today: Policing and Regulating the Night-time Economy’, Criminology and Criminal Justice. 9/4: 465-85.
Measham, F. and Hadfield, P. (2009) 'Everything Starts with an 'E': Exclusion, Ethnicity and Elite Formation in Contemporary English Clubland', Adicciones, 21/4: 363-86 (in English and Spanish).